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Human Connection

What is human connection?

By its definition, human connection is the social relationship between human beings that get to know one another and build a common ground for trust, instantly.     In this space there is a positive exchange of active listening, understanding and empathy, valuing other person’s perspective, values and views of the world.

When two people share a moment, as unique and present as it can be, there is a deep energy in the connection. (When I say a moment, it’s not a second or even a minute, it could be a conversation, a life experience) There are different purposes and goals that are consciously and unconsciously brought from each person to this connection.

There is vulnerability, openness, authenticity, giving what we are as human beings without any masks to hide the weaknesses. There is no hierarchy between the two people. There is us being us, and giving it all as a whole being. In human connection ‘True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are, it requires you to be who you are.’ Brené Brown (Dare to Lead, 2018) Brené Brown, known as the researcher professor at the University of Houston, specialised in studying courage, vulnerability , shame and empathy, wrote on her book ‘Dare to Lead’ (p.126, 2018) ‘As we talked in the myths of vulnerability, we are physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually hardwired for connection, love, and belonging. Connection, along with love and belonging, is why we are here, and it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.’

What brings two people together to reach that level?

What happens as they are sharing life experiences, thoughts and emotions?

What is being created in that moment?

How to use purposefully that symbiosis?

What is so rewarding in that connection?

What will be the impact for both as a result of this deep exchange?

As a Coach, I have been blessed with the opportunity of being part of these human connections. I show up with the best I can offer, share, question, bringing my knowledge, curiosity and intuition. I listen while being present and noticing the small details of what is not being said and for the stories and patterns that emerge, celebrating those extraordinary shifts and encouraging positive changes.

My main goal is to support people that through coaching want to reach their best potential, achieve their goals and desires and overcome their challenges to become what they want to be to inspire others. As a Coach, I am expanding my connections with others qualitatively. I have been collecting very meaningful experiences/conversations with amazing human beings that are embracing human connection and showing up in ways that are so inspiring.

My passion is giving them the opportunity to discover and progress in what they feel they need in order to create impact on others. I realised that although I wish to create an impactful business and keep coaching a wide range of clients that come to me with different issues, these powerful conversations feel so rewarding when I see the clients’ outcomes, and that I’ve been there along their journey.

But what I find to be strongly impressive when I connect powerfully with people, either while coaching them or not, is the boomerang trajectory of this positive impact that I facilitate and is, surprisingly, sent back in my direction. This means that the impact I hope they’ll create on others, has also been the positive impact they reflect back on me as they show up in conversations. The realisation of this special reward was so unexpected and has become the most inspiring thing I have experienced most recently. I am very grateful for coming across so many coaches, clients and likeminded people who share same interests, having this sense of belonging, sense of community, being part of a group of people that supports one another and, despite life presenting obstacles, we still show up with a positive mindset and use those challenges as an opportunity to grow as human beings. Mafalda Novo 29.10.2020

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