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1 Pro Bono Coaching Session

During a confidential and non-judgemental conversation, we can have a better sense of what is going on for you, what situation and/or goals are the reason for you to seek Coaching services as you will experience being coached.

In addition, you may express your expectations and I will share, by working together, how I can help you to achieve it.

We will discuss the available programmes and investment, and if you would like to continue with coaching sessions you will decide which programme benefits you the most and how can I tailor it for your specific situation.

90 minutes

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10 sessions - 20 weeks

Immerse yourself in deep conversation where you will become profoundly aware of what is going on for you, what are your challenges, your vision, relationships and communication with others, your perception of the world, your story, your values, beliefs, thoughts and emotions.


Observe from different perspectives, explore a range of options, understand own purpose, create a structured plan, review your strategy and analyse the outcomes.

Most importantly, appreciate own progress and feel the shift of your desired change.

60 minutes/session



6 sessions - 12 weeks

Dive in your identity, thoughts, emotions, actions and situations to better understand your confidence.

Master your confidence by becoming aware of the different influential aspects and by defining goals for the key areas of your life, based on your values and your sense of purpose.

Get to know about and use some tools and exercises, reflect on your confidence journey and plan for the future, to help you rise in confidence and fulfilment.

60 minutes/session

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6 sessions - 12 weeks

Give yourself the opportunity to navigate in your situation, enabling possibilities, setting goals, making a plan and, also, overcoming challenges.

Visualise your achievements and how you will trace your path. Acquire the tools to develop your next steps.

Put your decisions to a test and feel confident as you are striving for success.

60 minutes/session

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