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I really enjoyed being coached by Mafalda. She was genuine in her approach and always made me feel like I was the most important person in the whole world for that hour.

Most importantly I was able to reach some of my goals and make positive steps in relation to my feelings and emotions over the course of the six sessions.

Marketing Director

Training Company


Working with Mafalda helped me to organise my thinking, find strategies to deal with my emotions and prioritise what is more important in order to achieve a goal.

Mafalda is a sensible person, very ethic, who will guide you using the right questions for you to be able to find the answers to your own problems.


Public Sector


I would warmly recommend Mafalda. She gives you the time needed to explore different routes, and is not afraid of asking questions to wake you up and kick you out of your own little world. She has an ability to ask the right questions at the right time, and is a great listener.

My goal with Mafalda was to become clearer on my career path forward. Thanks to her I have managed to prioritise my career opportunities, explore different steps forward, and then actually take action.

Chief Product Officer

Technology Company


Clarity about habits and routines for the morning and at the office were the best results I have gained from the Coaching sessions. 

Mafalda clearly knows what she is doing. She can help make your life more wonderful.

Technical Analyst and Coach

Connecting Communication


I gained clarification regarding the challenges of finding a job in a new country while in lockdown. Mafalda is very comfortable to speak with, regardless of the topics. I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Mafalda as she is kind, empathetic and creative.

Transitioning Careers


I wanted business growth and personal boundary improvements. During the Coaching sessions I have been given the patience and space to explore emotions, I feel lighter, freer, and more able to cope with challenges and have positive results. Positive effects personally and professionally have occurred.

Mafalda is very intuitive, understanding, compassionate and helpful. She can help unpick issues and brings positive solutions from my mind.

Counsellor, Tarot Reader


I felt trapped in myself, 

I wanted to go further, which means to find out how strong there is in me. 

Talk about what I really felt about the situations I've lived in and I've been having  trouble expressing myself and throwing it all away. 

Take action in my life, not just stand there.

Not to be afraid to feel anything and to put it in its place.

Don't hurt myself in the middle of the process.  

The best thing you could do for yourself is for the ones you love, which is to have a Mafalda in your life.  

Acting Store Manager

Snappy Snaps


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