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Positive Impact Coaching will help you to find the meaning in your life, discover your purpose to achieve your goals, make thoughtful decisions and take actions that will benefit you and your family, and increase your motivation, energy, and focus.
It will enable you to implement changes in your career, create your own business, feel successful at work and keep nurturing positive relationships.
By working with me, you will feel empowered to be the person, parent and professional you want to be.

Having almost two decades of experience in Early Years settings, being involved in supporting children’s development and also taking into account partnership with parents and, mainly, as a mother of two, I identify within myself and in others what a parent would like, the hope and responsibility we carry for our children’s lives.

How do you want to be as a parent?

What legacy do you want to create?

Likewise, in many other roles these questions may apply.

Those results will cause transformative impact on others.

If you are:

  • a parent-to-be,

  • a parent with one or more children,

  • a working parent,

  • a full-time parent,

  • an entrepreneur,

  • an employee,

or that somehow you feel you may impact on your children’s lives I would like to invite you to think about your goals.

What impact do you want to create?

What is your mission, and how are you going to make the most of your time and energy to create meaning and purpose in your life?

If, by making some changes in your life, you know you could make a profound difference in you and those around you, how would that feel like?

"If we discover our talent, open ourselves up to it, and make it a priority in our lives, our passion will be able to develop, leading to our happiness and that of others."

- Garcia & Miralles, 2019

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