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I believe you have very strong and infinite mindset, qualities and knowledge. You know where you want to go.

But you are aware or need support in becoming aware of, where those limitations are coming from. I supported my previous clients on the following issues and challenges. What you are facing may also be connected to:

  • Time management,

  • Procrastination,

  • Fear of failing,

  • Work/life balance,

  • Level of productivity,

  • Habits you sustain and stories you tell yourself,

  • Values and priorities you act/don’t act upon,

  • Creativity block,

  • Lack of clarity and focus,

  • Sense of purpose,

  • Following through planned goals,

  • Structure and routine,

  • Personal boundaries,

  • Lack of confidence, self-doubt and self-esteem,

  • Motivation level,

  • Career change challenges,

  • Decision making,

  • Communication and relationship issues,

  • Need for acceptance,

  • Identity and what you want to become,

  • Mindset and Beliefs.


Being aware of the obstacles you are facing is a step towards success.

People need to name the truth before they can change it.’ (Drake, 2018)


Once what you want is established, what is holding you back is clear to understand, as you feel those challenges are being untangled as we walk on this road map together, I will enable you to create Positive Impact on others by:

  • supporting you to redefine your goals and how you will use your values for that purpose,

  • helping you to explore and get the better of your limiting beliefs and external obstacles,

  • exploring your creativity to enable possibilities in how to positively impact others,

  • facilitating you with the skills that will promote a sustainable impact,

  • contributing to the accomplishment of your goals, by exploring situations, limitations, options, emotions, thoughts and beliefs and by analysing processes and results.


As part of the coaching process and results, you will most likely benefit from the following:

  • feel empowered,

  • overcome self-doubt beliefs,

  • bring about cultural changes or workplace environment transformation,

  • create the best conditions and growth mindset for you to shift mentalities and society stigmas,

  • feel rewarded by observing the positive ripple effect you caused in other people.

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