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Consistency to achieve your goals

In the regular practice process of working towards a goal, you must keep consistency. This repetition of habits and tenacity will increase the chances of achieving the aspired goal.

This seems such an obvious thought and it looks so easy to attain!

However, keeping consistency over time can be challenging.

Here are some goals you may have in the back of your mind, waiting for you to start doing them:

  • do exercise or/and do meditation,

  • change your eating habits,

  • improve your sleep routine,

  • write a book or make art,

  • learn how to play a musical instrument or speak another language,

  • learn how to use a computer software program which will be useful as a tool for your job or hobbies,

  • dive deep into your spiritual life,

  • take part in voluntary work,

  • develop your business product/services,

  • do gardening or take cooking lessons,

  • invest your money to generate extra income,

  • put into practice your eco-friendly mindset,

  • work on your personal development,

  • join a community that shares your interests,

  • make time for yourself and do things you love,

  • dedicate time to your family and friends.

I experienced the power of keeping consistency for 48 weeks in a row (between mid-2020 and mid-2021) for my business and I am very happy with the results.

Consistency implies:

  • Discipline,

  • Structure in the routine,

  • Plan,

  • Take note of your time and what was done,

  • Review what was achieved weekly and monthly,

  • Persist even when there is no motivation or energy,

  • Remind yourself of your purpose and goal.

If you aim to change some aspect of your life and observe positive results, my suggestion is to pick only one goal to achieve, one habit to create, or one skill to acquire. But choose only one of these.

  • Select a deadline: 6 weeks, or 6 months (depending on what you want to achieve).

  • How many hours realistically can you dedicate to it each day/week?

  • Decide which accountability methods to implement, such as taking responsibility for your tasks, having an accountability partner, writing on your diary or mobile notes/app to keep track of your commitments, assessing your progress regularly, and dealing with obstacles as they arise.

  • Then, just start. Time for action!!!

This shouldn’t feel like a tedious chore.

Seek to enjoy the process, stay in flow and have fun while developing your skills and benefiting from the outcomes.

I find this consistency process a wonderful reason to wake up with excitement in the morning (Ikigai – Japanese concept), knowing you’ll be living in the moment, focusing on one thing at a time, and doing what you love doing to achieve what you chose to accomplish in a medium and long term.

- So, what excites you about starting something new or focusing on something important to you?

- Are you ready?

- What are you going to start doing and showing consistency in doing?

But, if it is not happening:

  • What is the reason that is holding you back?

  • What do you tell yourself for not doing it?

  • How can you overcome it?

  • How can you create a positive mindset to start acting on it, instead of procrastinating and hesitating?

The Coach’s role is to facilitate that process before you decide on starting something important to you, towalk with you during the work in progress whether it’s a challenging or/an exciting journey, and help you to reflect and plan further goals you may have been exploring.

If you feel you are in this stage of your life at this given moment, and you feel you could do it with a Coach’s support, get in touch without the need to further commitment.

Remember that, all good things start with a good conversation...

Book it now:

Mafalda Novo 02.05.2022


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