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Positive Impact People: the creators of a powerful transformation

If your life mission is to create positive impact on others, this article is for you.

There are three questions you should ask yourself:

Who am I?'

Is commonly used to ask yourself when you are exploring in-depth your own identity. Identity represents a set of things that makes you unique: your values, beliefs, worldview, skills, personality traits, interests, cultural and educational legacy.

'What is my purpose?'

This question may come often to your thoughts during different stages of your life.

It will guide you, is the main reason for keeping you motivated and in addition, is the foundation for any goal you propose yourself to achieve.

'What will I do?'

The question you may ask yourself is empowered by your life mission, which then is the firelight to the achievement of the goals based on your purpose.

Find your most truthful purpose by understanding your 'reason for being' (identity) and also by identifying your 'reason for doing' (mission).

People who inspire

I would like to share with you what inspired me to coach people who wish to create a positive impact.

I feel inspired and support people that choose to positively impact others.

Let me give you some specific examples:

  • the teacher who supports the students to keep their motivation to learn and succeed,

  • the parents who by sharing their values and principles will add value to, enable and prepare their child for the future and path in life,

  • the doctor who advises the patient in the recovery of an illness,

  • the cancer researcher that hopes to find the cure for cancer,

  • the nurse who gives her/his best to the last few days of her/his patient,

  • the musician who creates music that reflects the breadth of own experiences and/or highlights subjects to raise awareness, or also creates music to bring a brighter and fun side of life to people going through a hard time,

  • the friend who by being present, listening, and supporting the other can make a difference in the other person's life,

  • the writer who wishes to express hers/his own experience or a fictional story fruit of her/his creation and be recognised by other people that feel so inspired by those stories, and

  • the film producer who uses the story plot to connect the audience to her/his film content.

Best qualities to create positive impact

I have met people that intentionally want to create a positive impact.

They know they can change the world.

They can make a difference in other people's lives.

They work on themselves, but they also want to inspire others.

Those people face challenges and know exactly what they would like to improve.

It can be their listening skills, their empathy towards others, their time restriction, or busy schedule that doesn’t allow the space to explore their goals of positively impacting others. It can also be related to internal challenges, like struggling with procrastination, working on negative mindset issues, and searching for their main purpose.

However, we shall be reminded that needs and challenges change over time. Therefore, being creative and adapting to unforeseen challenges or unexpected needs are skills to benefit from.

Those who wish to create a positive impact have some of these traits in common:

  • They are honest,

  • They are patient,

  • They are tenacious,

  • They share their true values,

  • They live authentically and that is reflected in their attitudes and actions,

  • They seek fulfilment, and

  • They create goals.

They desire to contribute to a better world, to create something good, get better every day, touch people, and tell their story.

It's not about the resources or service they provide but, is at their core to create positive relationships with others, expand connections, deepen the trust and increase the quality of communication, develop compassion, and also understand other people’s views giving them clarity on how to best serve them and create amazing results based on the projects they have initiated.

People that wish to create a positive impact expect to move forward, they dare to be open and truthful, they want to support other people's development, they want to create positive communication, and they want to reach out to people and to maintain the level of confidence in themselves.

Change starts within you

To inspire others, firstly you need to work on yourself, you need to feel it, make it part of your daily routine and express it through your actions. If you take care of yourself, you'll be more available to wholeheartedly support others.

Then, you should acknowledge your sense of responsibility for your actions and words which is the key ability to initiate that impact.

By creating transformation within yourself, you are enabling others to see the same possibility and opportunity for them to accept the challenge of embarking on their transformation too.

Creating a positive impact on others

Using your positive impact you develop a ripple effect on others' performance, wellbeing and leads to a happier and healthier life.

People, in return, will relate to that project, idea, purpose and embrace its novelty and impactful change.

The impact is the result to measure the success of a goal, planned by someone and implemented to influence and inspire others.

Envision the results of the positive impact you want to promote based on your thoughtful purpose which has other people as the greatest recipients.

Connecting with a community

Being mindful in your actions is important for you but also to the ones welcoming that support, to those who watch and follow what you do.

You relate to others, connect, influence, benefit, inspire and facilitate relationships that are merged with others. They interact with you and observe your actions, results, and products. They receive it, use it as an example, as guidance, for them to enjoy or apply in the actions that have inspired them.

If you consider yourself as a piece of a puzzle, that is part of a whole picture, part of a whole community, with your sides that connect with other people (other pieces of the same puzzle), you are creating unique links through unique experiences. You give and receive and become part of a wider impact and belong to a united change, either it's a social, political, environmental, or any other movement that implies positive change.

The purpose of using your life mission with mindful human beings, conscious of your actions and changes is that you become involved in a systemic impact.

By adding value to yourself and to what you do, you are promoting and adding value to others. Subsequently, if you value others, you will support them and, therefore, create a positive impact on them.

This connection implies the combination of your life experience, acquired knowledge, your identity, values, beliefs, and interests, how you show up and how you communicate with others.

It is relevant to reflect on the reason for creating that bond and connection, how to share your message, and the difference that will make on others.

The impact is based on a relationship, a bridge, a chain, where a magnetic dynamic happens. You can only create an impact if there are people you hope to reach, who will benefit from what you have to offer as an inspiration.

Your skills

Someone's passion to develop a project that creates motion, transformation is just the starting point that will find a reason for being in other people's lives. So, build on your skills to:

  • Unleash your aspirations to deepen that impact,

  • Get the courage to achieve your own goals,

  • Have the courage to live your purpose,

  • Make your purpose meaningful; focus on your strengths, use goals that will maximise the positive impact, make it unique, including each person as a whole which involves all areas of her/his life.

Your commitment, confidence, courage, vulnerability, creativity, and communication with others are some of your best skills to make it possible to empower other people's lives.

Your life mission is to merge what you are passionate about with what you know people may benefit from and your ability to use it.

We all have the power to change the world.

Not all of us make use of that power.

Those who do, create a positive impact.

If we discover our talent, open ourselves up to it, and make it a priority in our lives, our passion will be able to develop, leading to our happiness and that of others." - Garcia & Miralles, 2019

If, by using your purpose, vision, and mission in life, you could make a sincere difference in someone's life, how would that feel like?

Action plan

On a practical level, create stages on your process to implement that positive change:

  • Define your purpose,

  • Create your impact statement,

  • Write down your expectations,

  • Create a long term goal (5 years),

  • Plan medium-term goal (3 years),

  • Set a short term goal (1 year),

  • Reflect on outcomes you hope to achieve and which tools will measure that impact,

  • Anticipate your challenges,

  • Establish next steps,

  • Measure the success of impact,

  • Keep a record of the process and observe outcomes.

Reflect on those who inspire you and what can you learn from them:

  • Who are the three main people that have deeply inspired you?

  • If you would sit down for a conversation with them, what would you ask them?

Now, to support your development that will inspire others:

  • Write three impactful changes that must happen in your own life.

  • What is holding you back?

  • What do you have to do?

So, if you would like to make that radical change in your and other people's lives, Positive Impact Coaching will support you to integrate your work with your message, attitude, and actions that will inspire others.

Let that spark inside you command your deepest wishes of positively impacting other people’s lives by using the best you have to offer.

If you would like to explore your individual and unique goals, challenges, and mission, get in touch with me.

Let’s sail your ship, your most impactful purpose, to the most prosperous land!

Mafalda Novo 12.05.2021


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