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If life gives you lemons make a delicious sorbet and share it with others...

Three years ago, just another train trip to work ended up abruptly changing my life!

On my way to work, a terrorist bomb exploded 3 meters away from me and my son. We weren’t physically harmed (or worse), but the event carved deep emotional wounds.

During that day, the following day and, at least, for almost one year after the experience and emotional shock I had to deal with emotions that I had lived on that day. At that moment, I tried to protect my son from the fire, but I realised that if the blast had been stronger my efforts would have been useless. How does a parent feel when the most precious thing in one's life could be in danger?

After that, I had to deal with the reality of what I had just been through. This event wasn’t accidental, but a result of someone’s bad intention. It makes it all even worse to process. Then, for a long while, I dealt with flashbacks that flooded my emotions with sadness.

For all that matters we were safe, and so were most of the people on that train. Now it all seems like a white cloud on the line of the horizon, but at that time it felt like a thunderstorm of bad feelings.

After being exposed to an experience where my life and my son’s life were threatened, I started wondering ‘what if I hadn’t been this lucky?” During several meetings with police investigators I remember that once they told me: ‘you are not a witness, you are a victim of attempted murder’! How would you deal with this piece of information?

On that same day, I knew I was going to win that ‘What if’ battle! I had decided to transform this negative event into the most positive thing I could take advantage of!

From then on, I got on the inner journey train! I literally used lyrics of songs and positive quotes, supported others that went through the same experience, I spoke openly about what was going on to me with friends and family, I made plans of travelling and going to a very special concert, read books that facilitated the best side of me and gradually my mindset, routine and habits changed.

I decided to be in positive environments, surround myself with positive people, smile more, find the sunshine above the dark clouds, have faith, trust, believe, search, keep improving and learning a lot!

That troubled train trip to work redirected me to an internal journey. On that journey I dug deep to find the right direction. That was when I finally discovered my destination! I got off on the right station and caught another amazing train in this new and adventurous journey that is Coaching.

Since then I’ve been travelling in this comfortable train, along with wonderful people, coaches that got on this train too and many other former strangers who I’ve been able to help: my clients.

In helping others through Coaching I’m also helping the person that is living this new story, this new life, my new life. Sharing my personal experience and narrating my story may shed some light to other people out there.


What happened in your life that allowed you or is allowing you to redefine your goals?

Where are you in your journey?

What is your story?

What do you do with the negative experiences you have lived?

How can you exchange them for something that will benefit you and could also benefit others?

I let something negative impact my life in a positive way. Consequently, my new story that is being unveiled step by step has been creating a positive impact on others who seek my support in the Coaching space and also some friends that noticed my motivation, determination and passion!

So when life gave me lemons to make lemonade, I took it to an exponential level, so I made sorbet and shared it!

If you would like to have a taste of transforming your life, bring your ingredients; let’s create the recipe for your favourite delicacy! Let’s have a conversation, maybe I could help you too!

Mafalda Novo 15.09.2020

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